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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tired of waiting

"i know it at first...nie msti xlama" hahahha ^^

Ayat yg sorang mamat yg duduk depan depan dan depan meja aku..bila aku ckp..im back to single dude.. (ok..xtually namanya adalah inchik ray..his name is rayuddin)

Ray.. things dun always go like we want it to be.., and to me..she`s juz not the one...n i feel very sorry for her...

well... i know it`s kinda sappy.but..

hmm to me the future still look hazy... but for the future??!!?!?...let me describe a little bit about what i feel and the one..i think ler..
okay..im going to say something out loud that i`ve been doing a pretty good job of not saying out loud lately..haha...buruk kan ckp bende2 camni..haha i dun care haha

what other people..other person have..
what i thought for a second i and her had..
what i know that most of my schooldays friends already have..

i want that..i do..
i keep waiting for it to happen..and still keep waiting it to happen..and...
i guess i`m just,..ehm..

im tired of waiting..
and that is all i`m going to say..

and if one day..when we meet..i`ll tell her this...
the thing that i feel...

~Owhh xsuke nyer aku entry cenggini....kah3...(pedulikan...)

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