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Monday, February 22, 2010

Leak to the lake ~ kenyir..

For the time being,in these studio.... being stuck with the stress and high tense surrounding...leak me out to the nature, sourcing the minus for equation of the high....

day by day become more skeptical for me..~long hour of sleep(avoiding my self of thinking the problem awaited me at the studio xtually)..then facing the numb monitor..doing drafting and design..surely soak me with the monotonous surrounding,n i feel tired facing all the same thing..~ colourful interaction plzzz....

owhh...boring gle dikala banyak kje.., bleh x..klu xmo pk jap hal2 keje nie..

owh down here...gambar masa pgi kenyir hari tu..xtually lots of subject being captured..upload 1 per 1 yer... ^^

owh tekanannyer..maw menghilangkan diri bolehh?

tungsten for the cruise

Aperture set it away....

Sense of lake placid....or... (hijau yg menakutkan)

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