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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The sky of life is merely light of dark

Life will never easy, that's what they said...what's they said for us all..
but they never show me how, what its look like.. they says that every man will face his day...
But they never say, the life somehow is unlighted and darken...they never tell me that is the real meaning of life.

Life is light, some blurred, some dimmed, some bright and some is even shine..
but light is like a white of black,you wont see the light if there's no dark.
be it blurred, dimmed, bright or even shine..even shine is just not as shine as it is if the dark is too full.. too unseen and dumbfounded...Life is like that... There's a Glory light nor even gloomy ones.

So dear life..,
watching you leave with tears on your sleeve is hurt,
Notice that the tears because of mine that are not exactly dry even hurts more..
Life, it's not just you, you know it's hurt me too,it's not just you...that is hurting, it 's me too..

So dear life..,
I'm sorry if before, i wasn't here to catch the fall, i didn't hear you well when you've called.
I'm sorry if i too wondering out late until i finally lately arrived..sure its been long..waiting me under the sunken dark.

I know the sky seems misty dusk, the night are extremely breezy windswept, but when it gets dark, if the raining storm fill its sound to the room, and if until it's hard to see. just have a faith, I'm on my way there, i'm running there, i'll be there turning on the lights.... InsyaAllah.

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