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Saturday, February 6, 2010

dude...ur weighted.. (hahahaha)

"dude..u look different when last time i saw u.."
"hey.. you add some weight over you...didnt u? "..
"Gosh...u seems cool today..., u know..after what already happen"

perhaps that might be the word that suppose to spill out from the mouth of friends... even though they delivered it in shaped of ones nice smile or a kind of question like above..it`s still feel good..guys..i still appreciate it...

(normally...aku jwb..hati senang kot..^^ haha)

those word in coherently reflect to the sense that i like replied in these sense..

so..i say it this way...
soo...dude looks(laugh)..
what ever past go past..

let me put ur mind at ease..
"my past"..i dont want these kind of people back..okay
there always a reason why we not together..
we do plan..but sure Allah have biggest than bigger..
so thing of it`s kind.... (particularly described)
i better off without her..

sure she will be with somebody..but that person will be not me..
she`s juz not the one
there i go..^^ and that was it..


  1. dude...you remind me of my paperweight project....ahax.. :P

  2. Hahahaha....ko xde subject matter lain ke?haha


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