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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do we really say what we means to say..

haha..en tat slalu ckp..." sometimes people would say different,...what they have in mind different,when they says..it become more different...bla bla bla.."


the point here...

Do we really say what we really meant to said.., owh entry nie does exist due to tb2 terfikir pasal sorg awek yg 'sangat x gembira'...she saids that..the problem was rooted from the inability for her to say out load..she always keep inside her..and be worst, which i believe..waiting the time bom to explode..,

so ..cmon...chill..positive ..say out loud, its better to have the clear and fresh air

en tat also always told that...to be a fair person...we need to speak a fair language.., listened to somebody until their finish line, dont jumble up or put across between emotion and rational.dont easily made up mind or judge the person u not comfortable with..if u cant fullfilled this..thats mean..u mind still weak..and motion problem only works for the weak minds.

so..i`ll work out to be excluded from the weak mind titled...
develop to be a better person and share with the society...

long lives design process!!
we learned much thru this...

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