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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tangan Yang Mengapai...

A sad song which used to play on Malaysian TV (RTM) when i was in primary sch… why sad? because the videoclip was of a little girl walking thru a forest… bleeding and with wounds all over. The video was played as part of an anti-child abuse campaign. Can’t seem to find this song anywhere! I really wish i could hear it again…


Merenungi tubuh yang tak bermaya

Dan mengusapi wajah penuh duka
Malang yang menimpanya kini menghantui kita
Apalah dosa hingga kau didera

Ketika kau memerlukan kasih serta belaian
Kau menjadi sasaran kezaliman

Jeritan suara
Titisan air mata
Tiada siapa yang endah

Tangan yang mengapai
Akhir layu terkulai
Seluruh harapannya berderai

Merenungi tubuh yang tak bermaya
Dan mengusapi wajah penuh luka
Malang yang menimpanya kini menghantui kita
Apalah dosa hingga kau didera

Ketika kau memerlukan kasih serta belaian
Kau menjadi sasaran kezaliman

Ke manakah hilang
Peri kemanusiaan
Bekalan tuhan untuk insan

Atas kesedaran
Mari kita pastikan
Kisah yang sedih
Tidak berulang

Tribute --------->

Artis : N.S.R
Lagu : Dennise
Lirik Terbitan : S.C.A.N.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By Emotion....Disney's Salt + Pepper Shaker


You're probably familiar with Randy Pausch. If not, you should go and familiarize yourself with his story. Randy is both a a tenured professor at Carnegie Mellon, a scientist, a husband and father. And he's dying of cancer. His last gift is for all of us, in the form of a video that's made it's way around the internet—as well as a precious book titled "The Last Lecture". There are many stories worth talking about which Randy has put into words, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of them as it's helping me think through the idea of "Micro-Interactions".

The $100,000 Salt & Pepper Shaker

The story is simple. At 12 years old, a young Randy Pausch was exploring Disney World with his family and he and his sister decided they wanted to show their parents their appreciation for the trip. So they did what any other grateful children would do—they pooled their allowance money and headed straight for the Disney gift shop. A few minutes later, they emerged with the perfect gift. A ceramic Disney salt and pepper shaker featuring two bears in a tree holding the salt and pepper (not the ones in the photo above.) Randy and his sister left the store excited to see their parents faces when they opened the gift.

Minutes later, a mini-tragedy struck when Randy accidentally dropped the shaker, breaking it on impact. A nearby adult suggested that they should take it back to the store and they did so hesitantly, not expecting a positive outcome. To their surprise and delight, the Disney employee who had sold them the items apologized for not wrapping them appropriately and gave them a new set, no questions asked.

So why is the Salt & Pepper Shaker worth $100,000?

As an adult faced with his own mortality, Randy looks back to that event with a unique perspective. His whole family including his parents were so taken back by their "micro-interaction" with Disney, that they appreciated the institution on "a whole other level" to use his own words. By Randy's calculations, over the years his family has enthusiastically spent over $100,000 with Disney brand over the years and they never forgot the symbolic importance of that one specific interaction. In recent years as a consultant, Randy would often ask Disney executives this question:

"If I sent a child into one of your stores with a broken salt and pepper shaker today, would your policies allow your workers to be kind enough to replace it?"

Randy says, "the executives squirm at the question. They know the answer: Probably not." After Randy passes, his family will still have that salt and pepper shaker, and more than likely the memorable story that goes with it. As we continue to look at the holistic relationship between marketing, products and the experience—it's worth noting that the little things really do matter. More than we know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Separuh Jiwaku Pergi..

Goshh.. i used to heard this song..its been played maybe already a month or even more..but since know the actual thing..what beneath the song,the portrayal of the real picture, it`s very clear elemental..well what can i says that..

"Keep strong..Release the Burden"

Separuh jiwaku pergi.
Memang indah semua.
Tapi berakhir luka.
Kau main hati dengan sedar mu.
Kau tinggal aku.

Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati hati ini.
Kau curangi aku.
Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati hati ini kau curangi aku.

Kau bilang tak pernah bahagia.
Selama dengan aku.
Itu ucap bibirmu.
Kau dustakan semua.
Yang kita bina.
Kau hancurkan semua.

Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati hati ini.
Kau curangi aku.

Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati hati ini.
Kau curangi aku.

Owh...Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati hati ini.
Kau curangi aku.

Benar ku mencintaimu.
Tapi tak begini.
Kau khianati
Kau curangi aku.

Kau dustai hati.

Benar ku mencintai mu.

well i like every bait and lines of this song..even its fragile..yet still strong and standing.. like the "man" characteristic of Anang either in real situation and in the soul of this song...

May Allah Bless U..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Addiction...mood and the intension of the photograph.

photography is the start of the words, then life would second it..

Well..should i say that..an instant click of snap without passion and composure isn`t work to be dazzle in life thru pictures. Still i can says that there are many people who are so interested in photography that, or maybe mcm fadh cakap.."stakat bergaya gantung kat leher jer".

But almost..they even take it as their supreme . When it comes to an evaluation of their skill of taking photos,the question yg aku slalu nk tanye... how many of them can claim that, they are expertise in photography. (sound prejudice juga kan..bile aku ckp camni...but im juz say out loud what do i think..x baik sungguh aku ini...^^)

to me personally, i do believe photography is an art in itself. neither you are a beginner nor a professional, you should get the hang of the theory of photography to get the best out of it...yah of course atleast u know rules of third, framing, leading lines..and..others.. well in other word..do see the lines?texture..form or shape?ok lah..sekurang2nye..DOT?

All this year learning the design made me aware of these thing..Once you have the basic rules down, you’ll become more observant of the photographic opportunities that are around you. This is important in creating your “eye” for photography, and in creating your own style. It will be the difference between a snap shot and a photograph.

well im still at amatuer at best and i never shoot raw or using tripod.My new addiction 450D impression overall is positive, the picture look better to me and i love the spot metering. when i say "better" i mean there is more color and more natural light in the photos. The pics do tend to overexposed considerably compared to fadh`s 400D (tp aku taw...ko otai lg fadh..)...hooo hooo..

my next aimed..wide lense and CANON 70 - 300 IS Lense..^^
works for it..!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Those were the days when....

Those were the days, when I had no idea what I was doing, where I was, why am I here and how the hell am I going to finish it.

Today....Being lost, brought me to interesting places meeting interesting people. start with my years back then, my very first day in utm..

The subject..the procedure...the design..and sure for the top of the list...
is the thinking, breaking the rigid thinking..
owhh hell... the different from now and back then was even more than juz far far away from the man i knew todays. a huge different instead of development of possession ,skill or thinking..

everything is killing me..juz like instant noodle being pour up by hot water....its killing me instantly.

the language they speak...all beyond my brain can be reached...im totally crap down there..
but meeting a lot of people we called friends, fellow, buddy, enemies or foe..was another nostalgic and memorable memories that i wish to played it in the cassette and hear for it again again and again...

meeting teq on the 1st day...even the wavelength still hugely different,but atleast "Hi" still can spill out from my mouth..then meet badik... saleh..aweet, am... hafez..more and less brought me closer to my finish line...even though at that day...i juz cant even possibly ever imagine where are those finish line are...

Those also were the days when....being lost without realising im lost..was a teribble..!!stand here,ryt now...make me look back to my younger days...being shouted and blamed for the mistake..., being underestimate for the narrow thinking that i possessed...owhhh what can i say...i juz miss it. poor and innocent little boy who pursuing study and self development. hence... the story obviously aren`t as simple as that...

but right now..explaining,try to clear arif mindset and "re path" arip thinking...it juz touched me,remind me my deep memory from the part that i dont know where did it trigger...i can talk and consult like what salleh used to share with me...what lut trying to make me understand...jiha, ang... and all the fellow friends and lecturers..

well sure isn`t much that i can said..or even...there`s no bargain that should i sell to show that there are a lot of amount and how much thanks should i say

i feel like "let me cry...".trying to remember all this stuff... thanks for those who forge me to be the man of tomorrow..to stand still until what am i today...

Trimass...guys ^^

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rubbish in rubbish out...

Mr richard..or perhaps entitle with Dr or maybe Prof..im not sure..well what could i say that..to the name that never be forgotten, as his always saying that.. which what he believed...

(well atleast anger released in calm way)

Well in operation, manufacturing, i think yes..its proven and could make a sense..but out of in real life...im not pretty sure how it`s will look like..

saper y nak rubbish kan..obviously u could pretend like u able to bear wif it for a while sekurang2nyer kan...but in the mean time,u only manage to lie to urself...,

give a time.then u realize that..unfortunately..u made yourselves goin into the dumpster with it...

so..absolutely..i dont like rubbish..so please...
dont u dare "rubbishing" my table or my life... its annoying...

oii..nie aper tisu tinggal atas meja aku...siott tolll....
n..woi..jangan semakan hidup aku dengan masalah n agenda2 korang bleh x... im excluded...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taste the tea and enjoy...

Drinking a tea in front of 'my all..my world..and my companion' which my comp in other word..flashed me back, swift to time for very moment enjoyed this such elixir ..aroma yg cukup meriah and calming, suasana sejuk, juzzzz remind me the feeling bila minum air teh dikala waktu hujan baru brhenti...its heaven..totally

owh..well ryt now..atleast my new workstation isnt as bad as their 1st impression...terpampang straight away juz when somebody open the studio door..1st thing that he saw..probably was my handsome face and once again beside that..i`ve been hauntd dengan proposal master`s nie...owh shit..malas gle aku wat kje2 runcit nehh..leceh gle...collage matter,signature procedure,financial statement whatsoever..crapp

by the way..by this time rasanya kat KL time nie mesti tgh mengangkat2 barang tuk pindah rumah...yeyy...boring dah lepak kat umah lama yg environment and neighboorhood yang dull , senior citizen surronding environment well atleast for me personally was boring..huhu.its not alive..give me some breath..it was suffocating juz when u see thru out the door...erghww(sudden reflect)hahaha

aper la yg aku mrepek haha...well need to sleep early to fully heal, penat beb mengemas...

so...gentleman, gudnite...
ladies, gudmorning~ ^^
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