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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

world...., why me?

Ive a confession, Im happy with what im having now, my life, my achievement, thanks for your blist..No doubt im very proud of it, proud to myself..im glad my family proud of who i am..that's quite important to me, i like to see smile on their face..

but on the other side,deep under... personally i feel sorry to my self..i dun want to say disappointed, seems like im out of gratitude but i do feel it...I hate how the lifeline has been crafted, its not fair..

i know, obviously now im away from my rationale thinking..but plzz..juzz 1 night, i juz want to spill out all the hurt im facing thru...why me, i tot im a good servant... a good man

But i think maybe that wasnt enough, Allah...world...plz be nice on me,

im good guy already..i swear, i love everybody..i support everybody...im doing it all kerana Allah,
i do anything for others.. i even put my world into jeopardize as long as others happy with their life..i sacrificed my smile as long other received theirs...yahh im quite aware probably U now testing my honesty..., but this is too harsh for me... im not that strong

God...i've no complained, i juz want to let u know that Im simply juz a normal person, average human being,
Isnt that enough? Honestly even now im still trying to be fair again...if the test on me is not complete, not enough yet..go On...dont stop, my heart still got room to be hurt, tears to be drop... i still can fight ^^ hurt me while u can... but plz promise me...tomorrow will be a better day... the gain is worth the pain..

Terima Kasih

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dont Drive to Fast.., cuz might be somebody that follow you from behind

In this life...Saya begitu laju kehadapan, i press my pedal..and accelerate as possible.. sampai saya kadang terlupa utk menoleh kebelakang...~ now i feel that kind of feeling..got scoop of selfish banana split...

I hate it, sort of doing wronged.... im not being fair enuf

*** Shared interesting story ~~

Same situation of 2 story

spouse ~
BF : Syg, moto i rosak tepi jalan ni..
GF : Yeke, sian nyer...then how? ujage diri elok2 k...ader paper col 1 tau...

BF : Bro, moto gua wat hal plak dah nie...
BFF : Asal lak bro? ko kat ne...., aku gi sane skrg...lu lepak lu tepi...

That is it, i honestly like this story, somehow its true...
so sebaik manapun ur buah hati...never aside ur sahabat... ^^ thanks world ^^

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Touching, what a wonderful way to show that you care, that you are not afraid, that you like someone, that you are aware of their existence, that you are paying attention to them, that you want to share something with them. This conservatory, i am happy to share some reflection of touching, So many people have a problem with touching and being touch..

now...relax n rceived touches that offered ^^

P/s : Manners are the hypocrisy of a nation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful bridge

My mama always said, if we meet an obstacle, all e have to do is cross it. That obstacle will turn into a bridge. So as long as we work hard, this obstacle just become into another bridge. beautiful ryt..^^

Let open the door for beautiful life

... and let in the day!

A snap of a painting I found in an old magazine
- don't presently recall artist or name of painting
but isn't it inviting?

It's early morning and everything is so still. Not a leaf stirring. Not a bird breaking the silence. The air feels soft and cool on my face as I peer out into the garden. Lovely. somehow predicts a hot one today so I've opened up all the windows to let in some of that delicious fresh air. That should help keep the house cool later on when we close the windows and draw the blinds.

A wispy cloud just catches the light as the sun peers over the horizon. So often I'm reminded of that old psalm: This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Some days when pressures bear down a person has to work a little at being glad for a new day, but this morning brings me a gift where the joy bubbles up easily.

Mmmmm.... The wispy fragrance of coffee and hot buttered toast with marmalade drifts past my nose.... I must follow it.

I'm off to finish unwrapping the gift of this day.
Wishing you joy in the gift of yours too.... Shall I pour coffee now?
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