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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Those were the days when....

Those were the days, when I had no idea what I was doing, where I was, why am I here and how the hell am I going to finish it.

Today....Being lost, brought me to interesting places meeting interesting people. start with my years back then, my very first day in utm..

The subject..the procedure...the design..and sure for the top of the list...
is the thinking, breaking the rigid thinking..
owhh hell... the different from now and back then was even more than juz far far away from the man i knew todays. a huge different instead of development of possession ,skill or thinking..

everything is killing me..juz like instant noodle being pour up by hot water....its killing me instantly.

the language they speak...all beyond my brain can be reached...im totally crap down there..
but meeting a lot of people we called friends, fellow, buddy, enemies or foe..was another nostalgic and memorable memories that i wish to played it in the cassette and hear for it again again and again...

meeting teq on the 1st day...even the wavelength still hugely different,but atleast "Hi" still can spill out from my mouth..then meet badik... saleh..aweet, am... hafez..more and less brought me closer to my finish line...even though at that day...i juz cant even possibly ever imagine where are those finish line are...

Those also were the days when....being lost without realising im lost..was a teribble..!!stand here,ryt now...make me look back to my younger days...being shouted and blamed for the mistake..., being underestimate for the narrow thinking that i possessed...owhhh what can i say...i juz miss it. poor and innocent little boy who pursuing study and self development. hence... the story obviously aren`t as simple as that...

but right now..explaining,try to clear arif mindset and "re path" arip thinking...it juz touched me,remind me my deep memory from the part that i dont know where did it trigger...i can talk and consult like what salleh used to share with me...what lut trying to make me understand...jiha, ang... and all the fellow friends and lecturers..

well sure isn`t much that i can said..or even...there`s no bargain that should i sell to show that there are a lot of amount and how much thanks should i say

i feel like "let me cry...".trying to remember all this stuff... thanks for those who forge me to be the man of tomorrow..to stand still until what am i today...

Trimass...guys ^^

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