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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taste the tea and enjoy...

Drinking a tea in front of 'my all..my world..and my companion' which my comp in other word..flashed me back, swift to time for very moment enjoyed this such elixir ..aroma yg cukup meriah and calming, suasana sejuk, juzzzz remind me the feeling bila minum air teh dikala waktu hujan baru brhenti...its heaven..totally

owh..well ryt now..atleast my new workstation isnt as bad as their 1st impression...terpampang straight away juz when somebody open the studio door..1st thing that he saw..probably was my handsome face and once again beside that..i`ve been hauntd dengan proposal master`s nie...owh shit..malas gle aku wat kje2 runcit nehh..leceh gle...collage matter,signature procedure,financial statement whatsoever..crapp

by the way..by this time rasanya kat KL time nie mesti tgh mengangkat2 barang tuk pindah rumah...yeyy...boring dah lepak kat umah lama yg environment and neighboorhood yang dull , senior citizen surronding environment well atleast for me personally was boring..huhu.its not alive..give me some breath..it was suffocating juz when u see thru out the door...erghww(sudden reflect)hahaha

aper la yg aku mrepek haha...well need to sleep early to fully heal, penat beb mengemas...

so...gentleman, gudnite...
ladies, gudmorning~ ^^


  1. minum neslo di kala bulan mengambang...sambil brainstorm minor project yg baru dpt bersama rakan2...peh... :P

  2. neslo xrockk...dier xde light feeling...too milky dud..


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