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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Addiction...mood and the intension of the photograph.

photography is the start of the words, then life would second it..

Well..should i say that..an instant click of snap without passion and composure isn`t work to be dazzle in life thru pictures. Still i can says that there are many people who are so interested in photography that, or maybe mcm fadh cakap.."stakat bergaya gantung kat leher jer".

But almost..they even take it as their supreme . When it comes to an evaluation of their skill of taking photos,the question yg aku slalu nk tanye... how many of them can claim that, they are expertise in photography. (sound prejudice juga kan..bile aku ckp camni...but im juz say out loud what do i think..x baik sungguh aku ini...^^)

to me personally, i do believe photography is an art in itself. neither you are a beginner nor a professional, you should get the hang of the theory of photography to get the best out of it...yah of course atleast u know rules of third, framing, leading lines..and..others.. well in other word..do see the lines?texture..form or shape?ok lah..sekurang2nye..DOT?

All this year learning the design made me aware of these thing..Once you have the basic rules down, you’ll become more observant of the photographic opportunities that are around you. This is important in creating your “eye” for photography, and in creating your own style. It will be the difference between a snap shot and a photograph.

well im still at amatuer at best and i never shoot raw or using tripod.My new addiction 450D impression overall is positive, the picture look better to me and i love the spot metering. when i say "better" i mean there is more color and more natural light in the photos. The pics do tend to overexposed considerably compared to fadh`s 400D (tp aku taw...ko otai lg fadh..)...hooo hooo..

my next aimed..wide lense and CANON 70 - 300 IS Lense..^^
works for it..!!!

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