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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Heart vs Brain..Beauty and the beast of night


Now im freaky freakishness numb in the morning, ting tong in bahasa pasar.... Subuh harus lah selepas pkul 8 ^^ (Im Sorry God, if i again let u down this time)... all simply bcuz of the mind that still doing his marathon last night. i cant sleep, and juz when the dawn reach the finished lines...i already exhausted in slept, many thing keep wandering and obstacles me in my thought track... i wud prefer call it dilemma, between wish and destined....^^ wow that's a big word haha..demmit

Dilemma always come with a package, Beauty and the beast ^^. This is the part where i hate the most, a situation that that need decision ^^. Of cuz the result is far away to be expected or reached, This all is only know by the play of God, Allah what ever i do, plz make it the right ones ^^. i hope i strong enuf with what ever U have in planned..

BTW...life is beauty mann...why need to worried to ones or even a week of 'cannot sleep' symptom, we still have a lifetime to enjoy the bliss of sleep kan...^^

~ Now off to Sri Damansara....caa ^^

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