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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

world...., why me?

Ive a confession, Im happy with what im having now, my life, my achievement, thanks for your blist..No doubt im very proud of it, proud to myself..im glad my family proud of who i am..that's quite important to me, i like to see smile on their face..

but on the other side,deep under... personally i feel sorry to my self..i dun want to say disappointed, seems like im out of gratitude but i do feel it...I hate how the lifeline has been crafted, its not fair..

i know, obviously now im away from my rationale thinking..but plzz..juzz 1 night, i juz want to spill out all the hurt im facing thru...why me, i tot im a good servant... a good man

But i think maybe that wasnt enough, Allah...world...plz be nice on me,

im good guy already..i swear, i love everybody..i support everybody...im doing it all kerana Allah,
i do anything for others.. i even put my world into jeopardize as long as others happy with their life..i sacrificed my smile as long other received theirs...yahh im quite aware probably U now testing my honesty..., but this is too harsh for me... im not that strong

God...i've no complained, i juz want to let u know that Im simply juz a normal person, average human being,
Isnt that enough? Honestly even now im still trying to be fair again...if the test on me is not complete, not enough yet..go On...dont stop, my heart still got room to be hurt, tears to be drop... i still can fight ^^ hurt me while u can... but plz promise me...tomorrow will be a better day... the gain is worth the pain..

Terima Kasih

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