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Friday, March 26, 2010

why malay cant speak english like others...

i keep wondering...why..
i always notice that we dun get talked or have a chat among colleague in English..we still prefer to use our mother language instead...

this issues appeared to be thinking only by this morning..
after finishing the design with no sleep for the whole night,then goes next jogging around 3,4 km juz ryt after solat subuh..., take a bath...clean my self...n...looking for the breakfast..i rather prefer some simple meal..so i juz run into the grocers n find the loaf of bread and the tunas. While i juz queuing at the counter to pay my goods n i am waiting for my turn
..there are 2 Indian women at middle age,i guess...and was cleaner auntie at the residential.

n u know what..the thing that impressed me was the language they used..ENGLISH...can u juz imagine...

a person whose work as a cleaner..maybe don't ever possessed evenly brief education, despite of that..to me..they speak good English..maybe a little up down..frankly..but still they speak english... they dare to!

that situation make me trigger in instant.."wow..why Malay cant do things like this...what is the different"... ^^


  1. The different is we (read : bumis) haven't been exposed to such situation and surrounding; situation and surrounding where you get to compete among yourself to survive, or can I say a rat race they (read : non-bumis) are into.

    Meleis are sitting in comfort zone for years...even a Uni graduate cannot speak simple English with acceptable grammar. English is something that we have been taught since kindergarten I suppose. But why the level of mastery is still at the very bottom of the chart?

    I believe you have observed this situation. See the differences between Bumis and non-Bumis; the stress they have to face to survive in Malaysia, and how they treat opportunity even a very small one which appear in their way.

    Btw, nice thought bro...

  2. actually i though and wondering that issue too..
    why malay cannot speak English well..
    i mean well here..doesn't meant that, the grammar, pronounce with the exact language.. all must correct..but then..at least..simply english pon okey for me..
    even me..im not that goos in englisg too..but i always try 2 speak well..even though..some of my friends hate me when i was in primary school..and they rename me as org puteh celup..but doesn't matter for me..trying is de best policy right..english is not my mother tongue..coz at home..my mom used terengganu punya loghat while my dad speak in mandarin or Cantonese when we have a chat.. .we dont speak english at home..but then.me n my brothers always tried to speak in english..in order to make us fluent in english..

    it is true..one of the biggest reason why malay cant speak english coz they were not raised up in that surrounding where their community have chat in english..
    on of the malay stupidity that i can say here that,there always assumed that..people that always speaks in english is someone yann BAJET BAGUS punyer...
    dats was not good at all..

    moral of the story..
    just speak..even using the simply one..or broken one..at least u always try..
    practise make perfect..even not now..but someday..might be perfect..
    am i rite?

    p/s: dont critic me if there is imperfectness of my english..coz im not good in english at all..hehe

  3. i think not the races at all..but the person it self...
    thats all...

  4. Agree with nurulbadiah, and minami sensei too...
    But I still think race do contribute a little bit in this kind of matter. You see, we can involved race if we discussed about the surrounding, norm, culture, or whatever you call it. Don't say that you cannot see the difference between our (Malay) and their (non-bumi) way of life. Even not all of them, but still the majority of them. I believe all of you are able to see that =)

    Ah..simple example when referring to races.
    Do Google Melayu and Cina respectively in Google search engine. Tell me what you see at the top of the list.

    Happy Googling! ^_^

  5. Wah...sume berbahasa inggeris..bagus2...
    critics? waa..tidak aper2...kite semua pun belajar dr kesalahan. Cmon..even myself not a native speaker....!Still tungang terbalik, tp klu salah pun ..so what..^^ we still do keep in learning n pursuit the betterment... no shame

    ^^ psychologically change here...waaa, when we says things or two,about the language..suddenly all of us 'in English'...

    and speaking of matter,we only speak as the people speak, when the people speak, or start to..perhaps same goes to the society, which i like to draw this to another perspective..

    so the culture and these habits unconsciously was rooted throughout all walks in our society. Fairly not to fully blame us ,atleast we do try..BIG CLAP jap!!...ok..enough..balik balik ke perbincangan

    personally...i think, the bad habits are ~ being too humble...n scared of the misuse n wronged, too much of arrogant n foolish proud..

    c`mon la.. xsalah klu rendah sekejap kan.. ^^
    im not totally malay at best but...cmon MALAY...wake up(tibe2 bersemangat kemelayuan yg tinggi)hahhaha...

  6. haha.. melayu~ when we start speak english, org dh jeling2, dlm hati,"poyo gile minah ni.."

    eh bino, apsal ko ade byk ms nk update blog? ish.. xpsl2 ak bace lak. ishyy~~

    hahaha good post btw. ;)

  7. ^^ thanks...

    aku bukan byk masa la...aku tgh tgu 3d aku, buffering...

  8. Lets just stick to the malay and not further embarass our asses here ok.. Anybody who was reading this blog and the comments made would have been laughing their asses off solely based on the irony of you the topic and the amounts of errors made. Cmon guys. Wake up. We malays should strive for betterment and not blame others. The other non bumis are not provided or spoonfed on a silver platter like us bumis but yet we tend to be on the inferior side. Buck up. We can and i believe.


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