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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How life works..?never can conclude..

Before solat maghrib td..i juz blog walking (yeah people calls by that term) but i rather juz call it blog jogging ~ hahaha..crazy me

why?because its more like u do the jogs job..its work more quicker than juz a walk or whole content reading session!!...so i called it jog..haha^^..(owh what i am saying here....haha)

so...i juz read in someone blog entries regarding 'knowing U..the description on her side n bla bla bla...'

this been quoted from her blog ~
'is it true that u have to know sum1 to love sum1.....
or is it your first instinct about that sum1 that makes u fall in love....'

woww..this is the tricky part...we need to be absolute n clear, we talk in realistic way...

1st phrase... yes its true
2nd phrase... indeed..that 1 also true..

why i say this 1 xtually tricky..lets be precise..

sometimes..when u meet someones...or even juz have a glance at her/him..u feel like your both puzzle`s suppose to cross somehow..u believe that way.. and yet..its true and no wronged in that.. whose know? its about future we talk ryt...

yet to be realistic n safe...we do practiced the 1st phrase word..
u have to know sum1 to love sum1.....

so lets jump to years forward... u freely able to choose the start of yours...1st phrase or 2nd phrase...because we know..who else could ever possibly shaped our future if its not u...me..ourselves. ..

owh this entry remind me to the concept that i hold onto~ the road not taken

owh...ok ok...now..lets jump...
lets say that u possibly have a happy day..and that would be greatly fine...or maybe worse ever..the moment ones u regret it..sure u`ll look into these day n say...only if u look in different perspective..only if i choose the other road....

but that`s if....well what ever comes..
the only thing that i can conclude is...that is how life works..sure Allah ada perancangan yang lebih baik..our part in this play is only do the things we felt right to heart and seek for the guidance of the mighty Allah...that sounds better

well..its hard to juz conclude..what`s the right decision we suppose to take..,but personally.. to be fair and positive..what ever comes tomorrow..i take that as my fate and destiny in fact i will drive it positively n lead for a betterment of other tomorrow...^^ hee


  1. owh..thanks.. cume response dr ur entries..n describe in my point of view jer..the way we suppose to think..

    sambil lets says that..sambil mengingatkan diri sendiri jg..~


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