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Sunday, April 17, 2011

When less is more

When the less is more....menarik kan quote nie.. juz listening this quote
dah terpikat dah even 1st time dengar..kan...kan..it flash the real meaning knape kite hidup..cara kita hidup bla bla bla....

Sometimes, kite fikir...we are not complete until we have this and we have that, we think of giving and doing charities would taken things away from us.. or.. maybe.. the gift of gratitude has been taken dari kita, kite cume nampak ringgit dan sen sahaja. Andai terkurang..kite xpuas hati dan merungut dgn hidup ni. yes agree,agree with u. I think it's today nature.

Tapi kan , in other perspective...y shouldn't we think that...theconjuction of less brought the meaning of the more it could be complimented.. much rooms to be shared,more interaction of completion..wider target to be reach...interesting kan!!!

Oppss..ok, i think this is another example la utk describe when less is more.. If you failed in doing something, doesn't mean it's already the end of the day..but, somehow, it do prepares you in the other way..its make you tougher, better..!! its make you, another you...so terms applies, checked!!

okeh..dr perspective lagi 1 nie plak lagi...gud to share this point of view, which i think, actually the generosity is not taking anything and made u lesser, Try to think of giving not only as a duty, but a privileged... hmm indah kan.. just when it less...its more...

sama juga dgn dgn diri, a talent and specialty is the thing to put us high at the top and low at the ground..., jadinya..merendah diri tu sgt baik kan...another When less is more

Terrrrrrlalu indah kan.... ( ^.^)v

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