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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There’s a hole in my soul

I believe everyone have their own favorite lines which do cited fitly match with them..
they think they are...and they believes its do create their owned story and history silently
even though sometimes the word was totally out and ultimately stupid..but fine, we still agree with it..haha.
if somebody ask you to tell bout your self..., i think this few word down there is mine..

Well here is just another simple summary of the distorted cramped story of mine which i cannot
converse it in well verse harmony lines. Probably this is one of the foolish lines i ever made...
Nothing good in it...haha..but i no need to pleased ones but myself, still enjoyed doing it hohohoho

- I always sit and talk to 'God' and i think probably he just laughs at my plans,
and my head then speaks a language that even I don't understand ~ supercrazy ^^

- I got too much life...., Running through my veins,but it always....going to waste~ huffff

- Now the hole in my heart evolve with the nature, juz before I fall in love, I'm already start preparing to leave her ~ heckk

- This absolutely Scare myself to death, That's why I keep on running, Bcuz... before I've arrived, I can see myself coming....

- There's a hole in my soul, You can see it in my face,It's a real big place

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