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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i'm not EVERY MAN..^o^

I threw my backpack on my bed and rushing down to the kitchen
and fixing myself something to drink. Phewww…..what a hot evening. I could even hear the flowers in my mom’s garden screaming and pleading for some drink too! Hmmmm how hot the day was!

“My Principe: I have many choices in life. When one of the choices
responds negative, I just left it behind! Sayonara. No time to waste for
something that I know I can’t get!!”
Those words keep coming and wandering in my mind. And I know
that whatever it is it was not my fault!! And I will never regret…………. I am
myself, not like ordinary other man. I’M NOT EVERY MAN.

I have my own thought; I am not a dreamer…I will never look back.
For me, I should search for a girl that really understands me.
She must be intelligent, honest, lot of sense of humor, and she doesn’t care what I look like but represents for whom I truly am inside! And one more important thing….. she does not going to blow me off just because she embarrassed..

After finishing the drink, I walked up upstairs. Changing my clothes
and let my hifi banged on. I threw myself on the bed and tried to sleep.
Hmm…. Good. I cant even close my eyes !! urghhh… ok, what
about chatting ? playing computer games? Hmmmm….

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