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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dude..we live in a rainbow of chaos

As per request by Mr yg berkenaan yang berkaitan dengan gambar..this 1 and this entry for you dude...

"ko tak perasan ke ko gunakan orng lain untuk kepentingan ko..."

Mr. X : "binoor ntahla...ooo tulah manusia kan binoor...t tulis lam terciptanya duniaku ek."

So from my perspective xtually browsing to find the absurd in these case, Images of 'kepentingan ko' things happened rewind back as i try to configure whats wronged in these situation.... and i am trying to link up with each other.
And....finally ahhhh...i see...
We live in a rainbow of chaos.

Human business exactly resembles like business war,
People tends to used what ever they could, take what ever opportunity..optimize every potential...

yahh...got hair-wired by things we called friends, duty, courtesy,relation, urbane and a lot more possesed by human...

Yes dude...kita pun manusia, mungkin kedepan2 kita lak wat slh n ter'jadi' mcm tu...
so the best way is...advice n be a fair person...hopefully it will work^^


  1. k dude thanks for teh entry..i hope i will try my best ..
    tk sape tahu mase akan datang hanyaDia jer ...

    anyway motif ko letak gambar aku tue?

  2. tu r..aku rase pun camtu, better kita doakan yg terbaek jer..
    pasal dr perspektive kite mcm xbrape kne..mne taw perspective die hit blindspot ke...tu yg xnmpk..

    so..hopefully die sedar la.., kite pun cume tegur jer..xde niat buruk...aper pun still kawan sendiri kan...
    (eh...ye ye je...mcm la aku taw jer..saper yg ko maksudkan...^^)

    ** gambar tu pengenalan utk ko....hahahah


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